Did Somebody Say Skittles?

One thing about messing up on a grand scale these days:  The internet will never let you forget it.  Sadly, it’s a little over 24 hours out and Pete Carroll has been taking steady fire for the decision not to run the ball.  And the internet is probably just getting into gear.  So what else would we do around here when someone needs a hug but pile on like everyone else?

Ill PASS-crop

Sorry, Pete.

Actually, we should be saying, “Thank you,” as you knocked that whole Deflategate debacle right off the airwaves!


And the Remix, Featuring Roger Goodell and Patriot Three:


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New Content Coming…

Ok, so we hit the snooze bar again around here.  It all went hazy after we got into some deep fried cheesecake.  Yeah, that was two years ago, apparently, but it was a lot of cheesecake!  Our apologies.  But we will be kicking things back off again soon enough.  Try a few more things here and there.  May even be a bit more healthy.  Ok, healthy-ish.  Healthy-esque?

Look, apple pie still has apples, right?  And Pop Tarts are at least more than “less than 2%” fruit in some cases, so that counts too, doesn’t it?  Ok, so we’ll start with being a bit more sensible in portions, and move on to leaves and twigs later on down the line.

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Snack of the Week 2013 – Week 6


Week of Monday, February 4, 2013 – Lucky Charms Treats

We’ll just start this by stating right off the bat that if you can’t take extra-sugary snacks, then you should just click away.  Now.

For those that remain, if 5 Hour Energy is about 4 hours and 45 minutes too long for your needs, then your ship has come in!  Lucky Charms Treats will give you that you that 15-minute high-energy boost you need to get the job done!   Just a few bites of these chewy, marshmallowy (yes, that *is* a word…now) bars will give you just enough of a rush to go grab another one.  LuckyCharmsTreatsNFIf you enjoy the cereal , then these treats will certainly make you smile.  “Magically Delicious” due to the Lucky Charms and added strip of sugary frosting on the bottom, these bars are also somehow magically only 100 calories each.   Gotta run…our 15 minutes…is almost up, and we’d hate to…crash…in the middle of

Statline:  General Mills
$2.50/5.1 oz box (6 bars/box) @Wal-Mart
100 cals/bar

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Snack of the Week 2013 – Week 5

belVita Breakfast biscuits Apple Cinnamon

Week of January 28, 2013 – Nabisco belVita Breakfast biscuits, apple cinnamon flavor

During our little hiatus, we’ve become more sophisticated here at SnackCetera. Hot chocolate is now sipped with pinkies extended, donuts are eaten with a knife and fork. And cookies? Cookies are so “2012″…we eat “biscuits” in 2013!

So getting into it, Nabisco’s belVita Breakfast biscuits popped up in the US right around this time last year (on Superbowl Sunday). According to the package, they provide “nutritious sustained energy” for the morning. Well, we don’t necessarily know about that, but they do provide “delicious temporary crunching” for a few minutes. Despite what the wheat-embossing on these thin biscuits might suggest, you actually get a decent amount of flavor with your fiber. Within the crispiness, you’ll find small, chewy bits of apple that add to the light sweetness.

belVita Nutrition Facts

As “breakfast” items, the individual packs are great to grab on the way out the door in the morning. You do have to be careful, though, or you’ll wind up with a pack of biscuit-chips and crumbs (which might actually be pretty good as a yogurt or ice cream topping, hmm…).

$2.98/8.8 oz box @Wal-Mart (5 packs of 4 biscuits)
230 calories/pack


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Snack of the Week 2012 – Week 14

Week of April 2, 2012 – McDonald’s Strawberry & Crème pie

Snack of the Week returns with a nod to the striped clown and his new pie. McDonald’s Strawberry & Crème pie provides an awesome option to their pie line-up. You get the usual buttery, baked crust, but now they’ve sprinkled a little sugar on it and opened up the roof like a stadium. The open-air top gives you a mouth-watering preview of the side-by-side fillings inside (Plus, it probably saves them a little *dough* on the production costs–ha!). The strawberry filling is very similar to that of their cherry pies–mostly glaze with a some detectable amount of fruit in it–or at bare minimum, the strawberry seeds. It’s still pretty tasty, though. The crème side is wonderfully thick cream cheese-like concoction–similar to that which you’d find in cream cheese coffee cake. The Crème could actually go for a solo career and have its own pie! Altogether, though, this gem give the McDonald’s apple pie a run for it’s money. The only two gripes we have are 1.) it’s only available for a limited-time (and we have no idea when the time will be up!) and 2.) they aren’t offered for the 2-for-a-dollar price that the other pies are–well, not in our area, anyway. Enjoy!


$0.89/pie (Will update with calorie info if/when we track it down. Although if the other pies are any indication, it likely lies in the 250-300 calorie range.)

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On MLK day…

…Snackcetera would like to take a moment to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to society. Hopefully, we will further those efforts continuing to improve how we treat each other.

We also would like to give credit to all those who have supported Dr. King and the civil rights movement as a whole. Struggling to better ourselves is difficult, but the rewards are well worth it.

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A Suggestion For Our Friends at ESPN

We will kick off our 2012 posts with a little “-cetera” action. Given that Tebow-mania has taken over as of late–and especially on ESPN, we have decided to suggest a programming change. If you’re going to run something into the ground, at least make it official!

And one for the road jersey as well…just to keep things fresh and new.

Granted, the party will likely all be over with after this weekend. The Patriots won’t be looking to let Ol’ “Rudy” get his sack again this week.

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Happy [Just Like] New Year!!

So we’ve been on hiatus for the past couple of months (for good reason…new kid for this author!). Admittedly, it probably would have been good form to at least notify you of such before going away cold turkey (Heh. Turkey…mmm…). So now, almost two weeks into to 2012, we say, “Happy [Just Like] New Year” to all of you!

In any case we will be back up and rolling here again shortly (we hope)!

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Snack of the Week 2011 – Week 43

*note: This Snack of the Week entry was slightly delayed by the birth of the Baby of the Century. Our apologies for the delay, but it was for a great cause!

Week of October 24, 2011 – Pom Pomegranate Blueberry juice. Rounding out our health kick month in honor of breast cancer awareness month is another beverage. Pom’s Pomegranate Blueberry juice is the true embodiment of crisp, sweet and tart. The juice is a great source of antioxidants, and everyone knows the power of antioxidants, right? Just saying the word cures the common cold, provides better gas mileage and pays of your mortgage. Unfortunately, the word *doesn’t* refill your bottle when you get to the end of it far too quickly!

Statline: $3.99 @Meijer. 16oz bottle, 150 cal/serving (2 servings/bottle)

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Snack of the Week 2011 – Week 42

Week of October 17, 2011 – Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who says “healthy” can’t include a little indulgence (aside from nutritionists, anyway)? Lucy’s Cookies continue to help us along with our health kick this month, allowing us to have a dessert along the way. These cookies have a long list of “noes”, as in no peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, gluten, cholesterol, or trans fat. Thankfully, one of the “yesses” is taste. Granted, you won’t mistake these for Chips Ahoy! or Chips Deluxe in terms of sugar, but that’s probably a good thing if you are trying to stay “right” when cheating a bit on a diet. These crispy cookies contain a good amount of oat and soy ingredients and as a result, smell a bit like bland paste. Thankfully, the taste outpaces the aroma. This is probably helped out a bit by the vegan chocolate chips sprinkled throughout. Overall, these are probably some of the most allergy-friendly, health-conscious cookies you’ll find. Of course, as with just about everything else in that vein, you’re going to shell out a fair amount of dough for this dough. But even that might help you stay more healthy–it gives you more reason to limit your serving size!

Statline: $5.59 @Meijer (5.5oz box). 130 cal/serving (3 cookies/serving, 5 servings per box).

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