Snack of the Week 2011 – Week 20

Here at Snackcetera, we’ve been mulling over the merits of Pretzel M&M’s since their inception. The first bag that we had many months ago was great. Somehow, though, the second bag seemed a little odd. After a slight break from them, we decided to go through the “agony” of further review (“Really? We get to eat more M&M’s? Umm, okay!”). Now we have come out on the positive side of things. So positive, in fact, that here we sit with a Snack of the Week entry. The pretzels give a bit of a lighter feel than the traditional peanut core—or even the plain chocolate center, for that matter. A quick burst of chocolate and salty goodness greets you as you chomp down. And there isn’t just a “pretzel-esque” center inside, there is indeed a complete, small pretzel ball hidden in there (see photo above).

Perhaps that second bag had a few too many overcooked pretzels or something, like when you get an occasional bad peanut in the old standby M&M’s. Or maybe it took a second to get used to the newness. In any case, we’ve learned that the second bag was the exception to the rule.

(Something else that we learned is that trying to cut an M&M in half—without smashing, chipping or exploding it into a burst of chocolate and pretzel shrapnel—is a bit more challenging than one would think!)

$0.79 @Kroger (1.14oz bag), 150 cal/pack

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